pricing & Options

First-Time clients

Let's make it easy! We'll meet for an hour to discuss your needs, then I will create a project proposal customized to meet those needs for $150. When we decide to work together, you'll receive $150 off your first month's services.

Services Available:

Graphic Design

  • Create pictures and video for your brand

  • Adapt digital content for print

  • Develop branded campaigns in multiple formats, including: Facebook, Instagram, Stories, event banners, YouTube, fliers, invites, community calendars

Social Media Management

  • Collaborate and plan social media strategies to meet your objectives efficiently and effectively

  • Create strategic posting schedules, monitor post activity, engage followers regularly, report on analytics

  • Create promotions, lead campaigns, and conversion tools across multiple social media outlets

Email Marketing

  • Collaborate to launch your email marketing

  • Retool lists, audience, and emails to make them more effective

  • Report on analytics and adapt as needed

A La Carte Menu to Fit Your Custom Needs

  • Optimized Facebook and Instagram profiles

  • Targeted Facebook and Instagram Ads*

  • Lead collection social media campaigns

  • Audience segmentation for targeted email marketing*

  • Weekly emails to customers

  • Printed flyers and invites for branded campaigns

  • Promotional videos

  • Online event marketing

  • Online ticket sales*

*Additional advertising costs may apply

Monthly Performance Reports Always Included