About Shelby

I work solely with missoula businesses

Missoula is my home town and I choose to work only with the businesses in our community. 

I've worked in the digital marketing realm for over ten years and watched it evolve with ever-increasing speed and complexity. My motto is, "Let's make it easy!" I especially love developing strategies and streamlined tools for Missoula business owners to reach their market with confidence using the latest trends and technology, so they can focus on what they do best.

HubSpot logo of orange gear with words HubSpot Academy below it. Below that, it reads "Digital marketing Certified" and "Content Marketing Certified."

what people are saying

Picture of Beth Jaffe smiling with long brown gray hair

Beth Jaffe

Director, Web Division, Cedar Mountain Software

"I'm happy to recommend working with Shelby to anyone looking for a creative, hard-working partner in social media and digital design." 

picture of Arlene Porter smiling with red sweater on

Arlene Porter

Team Leader, The Women's Club Health and Fitness Center

"Shelby turns life and experience into art. She is open to feedback and other ideas. She collaborates well remotely with work requests and troubleshooting off-site."

professional headshot of Chelsea Agro with long black hair and blue top

Chelsea Agro

Editor, Missoula Valley Lifestyle magazine

"Her talent is undeniable but it's her communication skills that make her a true professional. When things don't go according to plan, or she realizes that a deadline may be hard to achieve, Shelby takes the necessary steps to make it all happen without being frantic or frazzled."

picture of Julie Cowan smiling with glasses and short blonde hair

Julie Cowan

Owner, Wordcritter Creative, Missoula, MT

She’s a thinker. She’s a problem solver. And she loves working in the social media bubble where so many small businesses don’t have the time to devote, but where they desperately need to be.